Armand Bussell
Born 1951 in Cookeville, Tennessee

For many, many years I made my living as a homebuilder alongside my father. When he died in 1997, among the possessions he left behind was a book called "The Complete Modern Blacksmith" by Alexander Weygers. The book covers everything from A to Z about blacksmithing, and I became enthralled by what I read. I started reading more books about blacksmithing and devoured every one I could get my grubby little hands on.


While I learned a whole lot by reading, I'm more of a visual learner, so I started looking up people who could teach me ironwork using a hands-on approach. Many of the blacksmiths I met referred me to a gentleman in Cookeville named Al Canella who became somewhat of a mentor to me. I attended my first blacksmith meeting in Asheville , N.C. , in 1998, and shortly afterward I joined the Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths. Through this organization I’ve made many wonderful friends and seen some very talented craftsmen swinging a hammer at the anvil. The AACB has some great meetings throughout the year where there is usually an instructional demonstration, good folks and good food. These meetings are one of the greatest resources for learning the craft that I am aware of and also interesting events for the whole family.





From small pieces to large installations, I have done a wide range of work to suit myriad tastes and styles. Find out more about my work from the people who are currently enjoying it.


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Here are some of the blacksmithing resources I enjoy, artists I admire and organizations in which I participate.


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