My Work

Finishing touches that make every piece special

From leaves and vines to twists and braids to airy designs that belie the weight and strength of the iron from which they're made, there's a practically endless variety of ornamental elements that can be added to ironwork to make it truly distinctive.

Here are just a few of the many types of ornamentation I offer...

I can make a loose scroll, a tight scroll, a pointy scroll, a fishtail scroll, a split scroll, or a scroll that you just made up one afternoon.

Decorative banding or collaring
This is where you heat up a piece of metal and wrap it around two or three other pieces to fasten them together.

A punch can impress a design upon a piece or can create a round or square hole in a piece.


From small pieces to large installations, I have done a wide range of work to suit myriad tastes and styles. Find out more about my work from the people who are currently enjoying it.


Friends Links

Here are some of the blacksmithing resources I enjoy, artists I admire and organizations in which I participate.


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