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I have tools, tools and more tools in my workshop, because a man without tools is a man who can't do much. I use the best of both worlds — modern tools along with the old, traditional standbys — to create my custom, hand-forged ironwork.

The work triangle of the blacksmith is between the forge, the anvil and the vise. The forge, of course, is where you start the fire, and I burn coal from eastern Kentucky and western Virginia because it's some of the best coal you can get. But to me, the anvil is the king. It's the greatest tool ever invented. The anvil that I use was made in 1923, the year my mother was born, must have been a good year, and I use an old vise that is probably between 80 and 90 years old.

There are lots of peripheral tools involved in blacksmithing, as well, such as hammers, tongs, and punches that punch holes or give texture to the metal. In addition to my blacksmithing tools, my shop houses woodworking and machining equipment, a lathe, mill, welder, and much more.  I welcome anyone who's interested in seeing how it's done to come by and visit me at the smithy.


From small pieces to large installations, I have done a wide range of work to suit myriad tastes and styles. Find out more about my work from the people who are currently enjoying it.


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