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From home decor to whirligigs

I make a variety of decorative and functional items, including candleabra, fireplace sets, picture stands and intricately detailed iron roses. I also love to make whirligigs, kinetic sculptures and whimsical pieces such as my "spike men," which are little characters I create from railroad spikes.

One of my most popular items is my steak turner. I make it by drawing out a railroad spike and putting it into the power hammer to create a long handle, and then form the tip into a point that I bend so that you can hook it into your steak and flip it over easily on the grill. Anyone who has ever used one has been really impressed with it.

Another favorite is the back scratcher. Also made from a railroad spike, it has individual fingers that I make by forging a fishtail shape at the end of the spike and then splitting and shaping it into five long fingers, complete with fingernails.

All of these items make great gifts!


From small pieces to large installations, I have done a wide range of work to suit myriad tastes and styles. Find out more about my work from the people who are currently enjoying it.


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