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Blacksmithing is one of the only arts or crafts that uses all of the four basic elements —
earth, wind, fire and water — in the process of forging iron.

Iron, or steel as is commonly used today, has a mind of its own, and the blacksmith must coerce it into the shape or form desired. When the metal is hot enough to glow orange or yellow, I take it to the anvil where my hammer encourages it to move into proper shape and position. In time the metal will be transformed into an aesthetically durable piece of art, with no two pieces ever turning out exactly the same.


From small pieces to large installations, I have done a wide range of work to suit myriad tastes and styles. Find out more about my work from the people who are currently enjoying it.


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Here are some of the blacksmithing resources I enjoy, artists I admire and organizations in which I participate.


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